Scientific models

These tools are mainly intended for SF and fantasy projects. These models touches astrophysics, geology, chemistry and biology.

  • Simulation of all elements of a stellar systems (star, planets, satellites, comets…) with calculation to deduct other parameters or information (habitable zone [1], mountain maximal height...).
  • Geological models.
  • Geodesic (e.g. computation of distance and itinerary on an object).
  • Atmospheres computations (temperature on surface, sky colours...).
  • Description of the celestial sphere.
  • Helpers to manage our own unit systems.
  • Plot the 2D and 3D map of the objects with the data.
  • Allometry (relations between size, shape, etc. for species).


[1]System region where liquid water can be found.

Dates, calendars and events

  • Creation of calendars.
  • Advanced date formatting and usages, based on the context.
  • Date conversions between calendars (from different planets or not).
  • Management of events, with bindings to characters and relationships.
  • Compute time to travel between places of different events for a character.


  • Creation of characters (moral and physical portraits, history...).
  • Various relationship management between characters (family, friends, groups, schools...).
  • Verifications of informations (date of birth with parent longevity...).


  • Generators of words (names, places, objects…) which can use rules defined to infer words of a certain language.


  • Management of the bibliography.
  • Management of the source with Version Control System (VCS).
  • Bugtracker for each book.


  • Wiki which reuses data of the other tools.
  • News of the projects.
  • Polls.
  • Forum.
  • Personal notes.


  • Parse texts to make statistics, like showing repetitions.
  • Helpers to translate texts.


  • Use Gobby to collaborative writting.
  • Let users chat with Jabber.

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