The aim of this software is to help the writer(s) to construct a complete universe by checking his coherence and simplify his work: nowadays there is exists no software which aggregate all the tools a writer could need (even if there are software adapted for some parts, like wiki, but it’s not convenient).

The main features are (see Changes in Azur to know what is already implemented):

  • cards for characters (name, biography…);
  • relationships between characters (family, enemies, schools…);
  • events and timeline;
  • description of the universe (objects, cultures…), using wiki-like pages;
  • planetary systems;
  • geodesy, geography and time conversions;
  • linguistic (words generators using grammar rules…);
  • “bugtracker”;
  • books management (list, statistics…);
  • public informations;
  • collaborative work (chat…).

Some modules work together and it’s possible to extend by writing new modules (e.g. adding races for characters in fantasy books).

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